April 3, 2007


"Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again..."

If you recall, the last time I saw you was on Spring Break 1969, when I went up to Boston to see you at BU. I'm surprised to find you resurfacing now in that some issues have come to light from that period just recently. At that time I had a cat named Shakti who was dearer to me than anyone in the world. When I went up to Boston my parents killed and ate her. I have been wondering ever since if you knew about it and invited me at their behest (as happened with the Tom engineered entrapment in the pot smoking incident - did you sell me out, Richard?). The reason I'm wondering is that she is back as a beautiful girl and we are having a bit of trouble getting together because of a complicated and corrupt denial structure you would appear to be in the middle of that still constrains her and has been the source of an enormous amount of pain. She is hereby and herewith declared my legal ward, with whom I am betrothed to enter wedlock, as well as being vested and acclaimed Iéneke de Clare, Non pareil and Exemplar and Sacre Coeur of Pembroke (rector regis et regni), My Dearest Dear, Most Noble, Serene and Puissant Milady, Mahabhagawati, Mahabhairawi, Mahakali, Mahakarani, Most Sacrificing and Impeccable of Loves, Purest of Grace, True and Faithful (appearances to the contrary) ever unto me in my person, wherein I am now Pembroke's knowingly vested and serving earl palatine (with a knightly sense and ever warming heart to Pertholz, palatine manor and noble seat of the Pfleiderer Noble House of Austria and Germany), while also resting open as Tjara, Pakubuwana war head -- P.B XV, Mahabarong, Sakti Gunung Agung and Ibn Gaib, Sakti Gunung Kawi.

Thanks a lot for your note, Richard, and if this was indeed the situation at that time, you were the author of the greatest pain I have ever known. The shock of her sudden loss was so great I have no words in any language to describe it and don't suppose I ever will! The best I have found to touch on the agony are:

h tvn suggenvn ecqrh thV tvn oqneiwn calepwterh mala.
ai gar pwV auton me menoV kai qumoV anhhwm
apotamnomenon krea edmenai, oia eorgaV
qnmv macesqai calepond gar an qelh yuchV wneitai

Considering the continuing interference, abuse, theft and betrayal I have suffered with the active conspiracy pursued by my cursed family, as well as your being located in the center of a body of lies the size of the state of Montana, I have no choice but to assume your participation in this unspeakable debacle.

Thanks a bunch, Richard! Have a good one! We'll talk about it later on, Dick, don't you worry. You did say you were in shaky health. What a shame! Here's looking at you!

So be it and forever more shall it be thus,

David, now also known as QanatoV, Mahabhairawa ana ing Mahabhairawi, Mahamara, Mahakarana, Mahakala, Mahasiwagni, Tuat, High King of Tara, Scarab de Clare, Earl Palatine of Pembroke, Tjara, Gunung Mataram, King of England, King of Rome, Supreme Head in Earth, Tjinggis Ka'an, Wu T'ai, Buda Mahakala, Mangkuwana and NemesiV.