To the memory of Shakti,
my bliss,
infinite grace of the goddess,
my bale,
your murder left me alone with unspeakable evil:
fire and water,
earth and sky,
darkness and light,
curse of curses,
unknowable agony,
my hate, my wrath, my rage --
a baleful horror without end.













h tvn suggenvn ecqrh thV tvn oqneiwn calepwterh mala.




ai gar pwV auton me menoV kai qumoV anhh
wm apotamnomenon krea edmenai, oia eorgaV





qnmv macesqai calepon×
d gar an qelh yuchV wneitai




Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwana IV

= DANDANGGULA = Pamedaring wasitaning ati, cumantaka aniru pujangga, dahat muda ing batine, nanging kedah ginunggung, datan wruh yen akeh ngesemi, paksa ngrum-rum pustaka, pasa kang kalantur, tutur kang katular-tular, tinalanten rinunruh kalawan ririh mring padanging sasmita.


morfhn d˘ allaxanta pathr filon uion aeiraV
sfazei epeucomenoV mega nhpioV oiktra toreunta
lissomenon quontoV× o de nhkoustoV omoklewn
sfaxaV en megaroisi kakhn alegunato daita.

    The woman's face lit up with malignant anger. "That is the house of Shaws!" she cried. "Blood built it; blood stopped the building of it; blood shall bring it down. See here!" she cried again. "I spit upon the ground, and crack my thumb at it! Black be its fall! If ye see the laird, tell him what ye hear: tell him this makes the twelve hunner and nineteen time that Jennet Clouston has called down the curse on him and his house, byre and stable, man, guest, and master, wife, miss, or bairn--black, black be their fall!"
    And the woman, whose voice had risen to a kind of eldritch singsong, turned with a skip, and was gone. I stood where she left me, with my hair on end. In those days folk still believed in witches and trembled at a curse; and this one, falling so pat, like a wayside omen, to arrest me ere I carried out my purpose, took the pith out of my legs.